Who doesn't want inventory updates in a timely manner? Updating safety stock each month can be time consuming and prone to manual data entry errors. It becomes even more of an issue when the first day of the month falls on a weekend. Eliminate weekend overtime and manual updates by letting Orchestrator update values based on effective dates.


Accurate and Up to date Inventory (online-video-cutter.com)


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brij offers other Webinars, such as:

  • Sneak Peek into Our Orchestrator Workshop: Learn the basics of Orchestrator and watch a demo of Orchestrations that YOU will be able to develop at the end of the full workshop!
  • Orchestrator Use Cases:
    • Item Maintenance Verification: We walk you through an Orchestration that defaults fields within the Item Master to ensure that Item Maintenance is done correctly!
    • Accurate Accounting Reporting on Sales: Discover how you can override processing options and submit jobs using Orchestrator.
    • Address Book Integrity: This Notification through Orchestrator can be applied to unlimited scenarios.